What will be the biggest trends of CES in 2019

CES was originally an acronym for “consumer electronics exhibition” but now it must be its own terminology. Technology is changing rapidly and can solve many problems. 5G is already in the US, but there are still weeks if not new smartphones can take advantage of the 5G network. And even if those phones appear, things aren’t as simple as turning on the 5G modem.

However, 2019 is ready to become Year 5G and the train begins at CES. If all goes well, CES 2019 will show the world what 5G will do for us besides just giving us faster smartphones.

According to industry statistics from Canalys and other companies, Google has closed the gap with Amazon about smart speaker sales. Even so, the company still has much work to do.

That’s probably why Google tripled its floor space for their presence at CES 2019. Amazon, strangely, has never had a formal booth at CES, so Google has a wide chance. Open to fill the void by inflating his Assistant. The big question will appear after CES: Can Google turn its CES presence into a market motivation?

Other laptops will start from CES 2019: Intel and x86 chip architecture. Qualcomm’s 8cx chip, introduced in December, is likely to start appearing in real-world exhibitions, which will also carry more laptops with separate LTE connections. They all show a bigger change for ARM-based chips among laptops, and Apple is expected to launch MacBook with mobile chips around 2020.

CES has become a model for self-driving technology, but progress with core technology tends to increase: LiDAR is slightly better, smaller circuit boards, algorithms create a smoother ride. The more interesting conversation is now about everything outside the car.

Augmented reality will be more pronounced at CES 2019. AR has a growing presence thanks to its usefulness in a number of key areas: display on cars, smart glasses and systems. The health care system will be great at CES 2019. The AR may still not be a technology in all your daily applications, but will gradually creep in your world.

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