What is Edutech? What do you need to know about edutech

This is educational technology application. It covers all the different aspects of education from teaching and learning, educational management, educational communication, etc.

For the past 10 years, the explosion of the internet and the use of digital technology have helped Edutech have more development potential and wider applications. Edutech, although very diverse, can be divided into three basic fields of study as follows.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Edutech

It applies to the management of the learning system, the testing and professional courses. In the world, there have been many successful startups from this application, such as in India.

This application form is divided into 3 categories:

Online course, learning by Elearning method – teaching and learning compatible through teaching websites or educational websites: Based on the results and competencies of the learners, adjust methods and exercises accordingly.

Learning through projects: A method of learning based on assigning projects to learners and needing cooperation to create products. Supplementing problem-solving skills, helping students practice, manage and perfect themselves.

Learning through virtual reality applications: Virtual reality devices are being developed. Around the world, Microsoft has tested Hololens at medical schools to visually observe the human body.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Assessment here is an application that assesses student knowledge, documentation, and progress measurement.

Updating the learning assessment continuously will help adjust the lesson plan. Students confidently answer without worry about being okay. Since then, lecturers also have an accurate assessment of each student’s knowledge.

The potential of developing Edutech in the world is, of which, Asia is known as the most potential market for Edutech field. Currently the region has over 600 million K students. It is forecast that by 2020, Asia will account for the largest market share in the world.

Edutech will be a long-term problem, with many opportunities but also many challenges. Success or not depends much on the choice of model, object, founding team as well as startup values ​​that will bring to society.

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