What is a standard home with modern amenities and standards

Owning a home should surely make it more comfortable and modern. That not only helps your family to have a luxurious and classy living space but also a time to relax. When working or traveling, you will always be secure with the security system to always protect the house. Therefore, the birth of the home of technology application 4.0 is to serve human life.

Because of these utilities, smart houses become more and more popular and become an inevitable trend of the global real estate industry. As soon as your house has just been completed, you can immediately install Lumi smart home solutions to help the whole house be harmonious and comfortable.

Imagine a living space that you can control, manage all electrical equipment in the house, from lights, air conditioners, curtains, water heaters, watering valves … with smartphones and tablets though anywhere in the world, even in Vietnamese. All thanks to the latest IoT and AI technology application of 4.0, which gives us the perfect home.

One of the most basic features of a smart home is that you can turn on and off, change the color system of a room or rooms in the house without moving.

Automatic curtains: self-closing on demand and remote control, according to the programmed context such as: reception, watching movies, going to sleep … In addition to controlling each curtain separately, you can control a lot curtain at the same time.

Air conditioner and remote control water heater: air conditioning system, hot water heater will automatically turn on or off according to the preset time frame. The “FORGET” story without turning off the device will also be shelved because it is controlled on the smartphone.

Application of artificial intelligence – AI into smart houses, helps you have a “live” encyclopedia, the machine can talk to people like a friend, provide, answer all information, remember habits of each family member.

Sometimes the elegance of the living space comes from the most detailed, meticulous things in every detail that is how you are raising the level of the luxury of the house. It seems that the electrical switch is just a device toggle, but it turns out to be a subtle and classy highlight in modern living space.

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