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Three latest Google gadgets that fit well in to the surroundings of your home

When it comes to the gadgets on display, Google’s latest design ethos in its products fit so well in to the surroundings of your home and not sticking out. Here are three Google gadgets that you need to know about.

Google TV

Google has made its decision to rebrand its Google Play Novie and TV apps into one app under the name Google TV, which is not another streaming service but also launching Google TV. This updated UI for all your streaming needs helps you find it easier to see all the subscription packages you have just in one place and find new content thanks to the search expertise of Google. To make it clear, this isn’t a subscription service by Google and you can get all your TV and video content in one place.

Google Chromecast with Google TV

The Google Chromecast is always there to give a dumb TV a smart as we need. Shaped like a soft stone, the new Chromecast with Google TV is a plug-and-play device coming with its own remote, which has a Google Assistant button to cast content straight from your phone if you want to do so. You can get these apps on Google Chromecast with Google TV: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and YouTube.

Google Nest Audio

Google has been changing its Google Home range over to the name Nest which will make sense in the long run. Nest was a company that Google bought back to bolster its smart home line-up – you may even have one of its thermostats in your home.

Google Nest Audio is a speaker that Google has made to fit in your home. It has been inspired by home furnishings and has been given a material finish.

It uses Google Assistant boasts and room-filling sound. You can move music from speaker to speaker as well as connect two speakers up together for stereo.

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