The ultra-thin screen that can be glued on skin

China has made an ultra-thin and flexible screen that can be glued on skin.

A team of researchers from the University of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Nanjing University recently revealed a screen that is so thin and flexible that it can be stuck on skin like temporary tattoos.

Have to check the stopwatch to see your time while running, or look at your smartphone screen to see who is calling may soon be a thing of the past.

Scientists in China have recently developed and manufactured a screen that is so thin and flexible that it can be glued to the skin like temporary tattoos, known as electro-luminescent screens, alternating current (ACEL), the new invention consists of a layer of electroluminescence made from luminous microscopic particles sandwiched between two electrodes made of silver nanowires.

Stretchable ceramic nanoparticles embedded in the polymer make this ACEL screen brighter, visible even in a well-lit room.

ACEL displays have been made before, but what makes it special is that they can be safely worn on the skin.

It produces good light even at low voltages and produces moderate temperatures – not exceeding 45 degrees Celsius (scientists in China are still working on being able to lower temperatures even further).

Professor Desheng Kong, the project’s coordinator, said the monitor was integrated with epidermal sensors that could allow continuous monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and even glucose.

This screen will provide visual information from the data collection from the sensor. These data are important for athlete training as well as medical applications.

To demonstrate one of the potential uses of this revolutionary display, researchers created a stopwatch and attached it to the back of a volunteer’s hand.

Professor Desheng Kong and his team believe that this new type of ACE screen could soon have applications in smart wearables, soft robots and robots.

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