The real super yacht in the dream of everyone

Not only majestic, but The Majesty 155 super luxury yacht is also a smart luxury that everyone wished to try one. Thanks to Archimedia’s entertainment system, the owners of the Majesty 155 certainly will not want another yacht, as none of them are as great as it is.

Those who once set foot on the Majestic 155 will have to remember forever about the $ 25 million super yacht because of quipping with an intelligent entertainment system. This is a super yacht in the dream that once stepped up you would not want to leave it.

This is the yacht that has received the CEDIA Award for excellent vehicle technology, while most of the winners are road vehicles. The Majesty 155 is one of the most high-tech yachts in the world.

On the interior walls of the Majesty 155, all of that are equipped with intelligent control system. It allows users to access audio and video systems installed throughout the yacht. In addition to direct adjustments, yachts owners can also use iPads or other smart devices to control the wireless network.

Each area of ​​the boat is equipped with a full HD 40 to 60 inch TV. They are all equipped with Apple TV or satellite TV. There is also Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity for guests to stream music or videos directly to the entertainment system.

Most TVs on the boat are mirrored for aesthetics. Outdoor screens are also equipped with filters to eliminate glare when viewed. Of course, you can also use the smart boat system to control the light or navigation system.

Majesty 155 has an excellent entertainment system, this is undisputed. But in terms of power it is not inferior to anyone. This boat is equipped with dual engine 2011 horsepower MTC 12V 4000 M63, fuel economy and maximum speed up to 29 kilometers for an hour. However, with all the great entertainment on the boat, whoever wants to take their trip quickly to end up.

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