The most influential figures in world technology

Ive is considered a genius in design, the one behind the Apple Watch that is being praised for its elegant, luxurious design. Ive is also the soul of the iPhone and iPad generations of Apple.

Jony Ive comes from an English family. And his creations have helped him twice to be honored by the Queen of England as an honorary knight.

Singaporean businessman Min-Liang Tan is not only the CEO of the famous gaming device maker Razer but also the creative director. This means he pays his utmost attention to the company’s products. One thing Tan always cares about is whether or not the people working at Razer are passionate about gaming and high technology.

Tan’s original goal was to sell just 1,000 products but now. With its enthusiasm, with the company’s special culture, Razer has succeeded with more than 1 million devices, and orders are still rising sharply.

With over 60 million subscribers, Netflix is ​​one of the most popular DVD rental and movie streaming services in the world. As the CEO and co-founder, Mr. Hastings used to take risks when trying to replace the habit of watching dramas to watch movies online.

Netflix owns a hit but controversial television series, like House of Cards, and Orange is The New Black. Hastings has changed the television distribution industry. Moreover, he is also paving the way for a change in the media industry by allowing users to directly download movies and TV shows over the Internet.

Alibaba is one of the most successful large e-commerce companies in the world. And it seems that boss Jack Ma is still not happy with his success and has not stopped his ambition. Ma said Alibaba would develop its own mobile operating system to promote its services.

Founded Amazon in 1994, Bezos has turned this shopping site into an e-commerce giant with sales. Amazon has now expanded into many other businesses, such as television content, selling unlimited eBook books.

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