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The Best Tech Gadget for All Budgets to Use Every day

From smart plugs, wireless chargers, to bookshelf speakers, we have compiled a list of our favorite tech gadgets that we use every day.

Aukey 3-in-1 MFi Charging Cable

Price: $21.99

The Aukey 3-in-1 MFi Charging Cable helps younot have to carry around multiple cords to charge your devices. It features a Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C connections.


Price: $17.75

For those who have iPhone, this is a great portable battery. The Mophie has an integrated charging cable with a Lightning connector attachment. It can also charge through wireless charger if they have one of those for charging their phone.

Anker Nano iPhone Charger (20W)

Price: $16.99

The latest iPhones don’t ship with a companion wall adapter, so you will need to use the one you have already owned or buy a new one separately. The Anker Nano iPhone Chargeris tiny and powerful enough to fast-charge an iPhone.

Wyze Cam v2

Price: $38.03

This is a tiny smart home camera that works well with most smart ecosystems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also has a similar feature set and video capture capabilities like other more expensive options.

Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

Price: $19.99

The Wemo WiFi Smart Plug isour favorite smart plug due to its small size and capability with all the major smart ecosystems, including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Price: $79.99

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is an excellent wireless mouse due to several reasons. It is small and very portable. It charges via USB-C and has customizable side buttons that is optimized for video conferencing.

ThunderB 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Station

Price: $45.00

The ThunderB 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Station is a charging station that is a great bedside addition for anyone who has an Apple Watch and want to charge alongside their phone.

Twelve South AirFly Pro

Price: $52.32

The Twelve South AirFly Pro is the perfect accessory for anyone who has Apple AirPods. The Bluetooth adapter quickly connects to AirPods, allowing them to listen to devices without Bluetooth like a Nintendo Switch or an in-flight entertainment system of an airplane.

Twelve South Curve

Price: $59.99

The Twelve South Curve is an ergonomic and convenient laptop stand that is perfectly sized to fit a 13-inch MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

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