Technology trend of the new era – What are 360-degree videos

360-degree video is a new but not strange term and is becoming a trend of the future. To understand clearly about 360-degree videos is not easy because we still do not have many tools and knowledge about books and books to mention them.

360-degree video began to appear in 2016 and gradually improved in 2017 to 2018, it really became a hot trend that made people make videos, even business people pursue.

Video 360 độ là gì?

The definition of 360-degree video is a video that captures images in all directions around the camera at the same time, created by a camera system. Viewers can drag the mouse to move slowly or rotate based on gestures to see every 360 degrees from the video.

This is more prominent than conventional videos because it creates true feelings about every corner of the object or the surrounding scenery. Not only that, you can also choose where to watch, how to watch abundantly, visit new places without having to move.

360-degree videos have been used in many different fields and achieved unexpected success, in which the following types of videos are the most popular, creating new emotions and views for viewers.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The most important thing of a documentary is to remind viewers of a world, the things, the moments that have gone through the most vivid and realistic are what 360 Degree Video always has. Perhaps that is why documentaries are the most popular, most appreciated and successful 360-degree videos.

Sports are a popular field, so when 360-degree videos make the scenes and actions in sports videos shine, there’s no reason why people won’t love them, right?

When music and lyrics are just needed, music has attracted a great deal of attention, but until Video was made with 360-degree technology that really made the viral songs considered explosive. That’s why it’s a top priority when a director wants to create a particularly memorable video.

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