Some gadgets can save your life someday

Modern people today are said to be completely dependent on gadgets such as smartphones or laptops but that is far from the truth. There are utility devices that a human life can really depend on that.

U-Safe is a smart buoy with electric motor and remote control. This smart float is designed for use on boats and for coast guards. The remote control system allows you to control the buoy to where the person drowned and take them to the shore or hull safely. Developers also plan to increase the number of people who can use a buoy and increase the distance the buoy can move to victims in the future.

Sharkbanz is an indispensable device for divers and surfers. Just put this ring on, activate it and it will start emitting an ultrasound signal that will make you an object where sharks are not interested. Even if you’re not familiar with sharks, this entrepreneur’s Instagram account is still interesting to follow.

Nimb is your own guardian angel, “who have created it that said. Overall, it’s a simple concept of a mobile alarm button that you can press quickly and discreetly. Alarms are sent. to your smartphone or rescue service People with chronic illnesses and night out lovers will appreciate this device The particularly impressive advantage is that it looks quite fashionable too.

Sawyer venom extraction kit will help you eliminate insect or snake venom. The name says it all: it’s a powerful and compact vacuum pump that can release venom from the wound. In addition to pumps, kits include razors, sterile paper towels and personal tapes.

“Rescue Me Balloon – Rescue My balloon with” is made to mark the location of people in distress. It’s a compact orange box that you can easily carry on a hiking trip. To mark the current location, tear off the lid. A balloon will inflate to 150ft. At night, the ball will flicker with a ring of light accumulating solar energy during the day.

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