SoftBank completed the acquisition of ARM for $ 31 billion

Less than two months after the information was made public, SoftBank completed the ARM acquisition. In July, SoftBank surprised the tech world by announcing its acquisition of ARM.

This is the largest sum of money spent to buy a European technology company. Nearly two months later, SoftBank surprised the world once again when it announced the deal of several tens of billion dollars was completed. The total amount of money SoftBank has to spend to buy ARM is around £ 24 billion.

CEO SoftBank giải thích lý do vì sao bỏ 32 tỷ USD mua ARM

ARM will cancel its listing on the London Stock Exchange. The acquisition of ARM is the latest acquisition among many of SoftBank’s recent acquisitions. They include buying Sprint for $ 20 billion and investing in Japanese Vodafone $ 15 billion.

ARM is famous for chip design and licensing chip design to companies like Apple and Samsung. ARM-designed chips dominate the mobile computing market when present in most smartphones and tablets. Last year 15 billion ARM-designed chips were shipped, half of which were mobile chips.

SoftBank intends to use the ARM acquisition to boost its Internet of Things plans. Although ARM only earned about 1.5 billion in revenue last year. But its low-power and high-efficiency chips are changing the global computing industry. It is clear that SoftBank invests in ARM towards the future and is fully profitable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho CEO SoftBank

All of those devices, whether it’s refrigerators or light bulbs or smart socks, all require energy-efficient processors. That’s where ARM proves its strengths.

Not only the Internet of Things, this ARM division also proved it would be useful for Sprint, the US carrier struggling to acquire Softbank in 2013. But Son did not disclose the expensive acquisition. Can this save this declining network operator?

The IoT playground is increasingly attracting big names to participate. Not only ARM, Intel follows the failure of the mobile processor playground. They are also determined not to miss this potential IoT market. In addition, last May, Samsung introduced the Artik chip system to advance into this playground.

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