SDG Challenge 2019: Innovative solution to support people with disabilities

The competition focuses on finding and incubating groups, businesses, and organizations to provide products and solutions to integrate disability, while raising awareness about creating and creating community values. .

SDG Challenge 2019 has the theme “Innovative solutions to support people with disabilities”. According to UNDP representatives, the competition focused on finding and incubating groups, businesses and organizations to provide products and solutions to integrate disability, while raising awareness about create community value. SDG Challenge 2019 will include training courses, speeding up technical consultancy and investment connections.

Meanwhile, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), only 30% of people with disabilities still have the ability to actually participate in the labor force. This is not only limited to people with disabilities but also a waste of labor resources in society. According to calculations, Asia lost about 3% of GDP because it could not take advantage of the disabled labor force.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SDG Challenge 2019

Typically, Vulcan Augmetics, SCDeaf, MultiGlass … participated in entrepreneurship competitions and received investments and support to develop innovative ideas. These are projects aimed at building products to create favorable conditions for people with disabilities to easily access and participate in activities in life.

According to BTC, SDG Challenge 2019 also creates space for government agencies, policy makers, organizations and agencies to support disabled people, start-up businesses and the disabled community. sharing voices and contributing solutions, for a sustainable society, no one is left behind.

SDG Challenge 2019 includes 3 rounds of reviews including the online application round which will be open until the end of July 30, 2002. The selected teams will undergo 6 training sessions on entrepreneurship and business knowledge in August. The final round of presentations is expected to take place in September.

The winning start-up project will have a trip to Korea to study the social impact start-up model and an 8-week incubation program organized by the National Startup Support Center with a round of professional startups. deep and connected investors.

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