Only nuclear energy can save the earth

Consider carefully the problem of replacing fossil fuels: In order to make fast enough steps, the world needs to build a lot of reactors. Climate scientists warn us that the world must drastically cut the use of fossil fuels in the next 30 years to prevent a potential disaster outbreak on Earth. Facing this challenge is a moral problem, but it is also a difficult problem, and an important part of the answer to this problem must be nuclear power.

Currently, more than 80% of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels, which is the fuel used to produce electricity, used for heating and as fuel for automobile and aircraft engines. However, the status of fossil fuel use in the world is getting worse because more and more poor escape countries are using more energy, leading to a rapid increase in fossil fuel consumption. The application of energy efficient methods may reduce some of the burden, but it is not enough to meet the increasing demand for energy use in the world.

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Any serious attempt to eliminate carbon for the world economy requires clean energy more and more, which can meet the demand of 100 trillion kilowatt hours per year – according to our calculations this is equivalent to the current annual fossil fuel consumption. An important variable to consider here is speed. To reach the goal in the next three decades, the world needs to add 3.3 trillion kilowatt hours of clean energy each year.

Solar and wind power alone cannot scale up fast enough to produce the huge amount of electricity we need to have by the middle of the century, especially when we are moving toward a car engine conversion. and similar vehicles from fossil fuel use to carbon-free fuel sources. Despite recent German efforts to create renewable energy sources.

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This is considered the most national ambition effort ever – not enough to meet current needs. With the success of Germany, the world’s renewable energy source will be added 0.7 trillion kilowatt hours of clean electricity each year. However, this figure only accounts for one fifth of the Kilowatt 3.3 trillion hour electricity target each year.

In other saying, even if the world has the same efforts and technological achievements as Germany in renewable energy, this is not the same as the reality in most countries, at this rate, The world’s carbon reduction will take nearly 150 years.

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