Huawei lost Android – How users are affected

Restrictions on access to the Android operating system for Huawei will darken the Chinese company’s latest phone launch. The company invited newspapers from all over the world to London to witness the launch of the Honor 20 smartphone on May 21.

BBC understands that these devices will still provide a full Android experience – including the use of Google‘s app store. But unless the problem with the US government is resolved, future launches can only bring about a much more limited experience.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Huawei

It is not clear whether the restrictions Google will apply to Huawei will last. Owners of Huawei or Honor phones will not fall into the situation of suddenly not being able to install new applications or receive updates for Google services.

Perhaps Google does not want to break the relationship with the world’s second-best-selling Android phone maker after Samsung. Recently, Huawel said more than half a billion consumers use their phones.

In theory, the US Department of Industry and Security may issue a license to allow Google to continue the relationship or at least partially, or even give up all restrictions completely. But assuming the problem is not resolved soon, let’s try to find a solution to the consequences.

American technology company is suspending all business activities with Huawei regarding the transfer of software, software and technical services “not public”.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

That does not mean that Huawei loses all access to Android, because the core operating system is an open source project. Any manufacturer can modify it and install it on their device without requiring permission.

The reason is that their devices have been certified according to procedures known as Compatibility Checkers and Supplier Testers.

Therefore, Google may provide them with new versions of the software and allow downloading from your Play store without having to deal directly with Huawei itself. However, the problem becomes more complicated when updating security.

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