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List of the five largest technology companies in the world

During the era of technological revolution, five companies representing many of these leading technology products changed people’s lives from connecting to entertainment and spending money. 1. Apple The founder of the company – Steve Jobs – was fired in 1985, when he was just 30 years old. The 2015 Golden Globe Award film “Steve Jobs” successfully portrayed the beginning of…

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The Japanese technology development

From a country exhausted after the war, Japan has now risen to the top of the world in the field of technology, which comes from both human factors and national policy. Japan’s ICT industry is one of the largest and most advanced industries in the world, growing extremely rapidly after World War 2. Thanks to a series of efforts by…

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Apple AirPods – From a derided product now becomes a symbol of the elite

Apple has always been the center of attention in the technology industry, in part because it has many controversial decisions. In 2016, the company announced its first pair of wireless headphones called the Apple AirPods, and the product was immediately mockingly merciless. The market now has no shortage of wireless headphones, so why do people choose AirPods to be ‘victims’…

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