Australia successfully replicates the corona virus in the laboratory

On January 29, a team of Australian scientists claimed to have successfully replicated a laboratory sample of corona virus causing acute pneumonia in China.

This is the first time the virus has been replicated successfully outside of China. This is a breakthrough that is expected to contribute to combat this dangerous disease spreading worldwide.

Researchers at the Peter Doherty Institute of Infections and Immunology in Melbourne, Australia, claim to share the virus samples with the World Health Organization and laboratories around the globe.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Australia tái tạo thành công virus corona

Earlier, although China has been quick to succeed in analyzing gene sequences, it has refused to share viruses with laboratories around the world. The virus is expected to be delivered to Australia’s network of public health laboratories, as well as to specialized laboratories working closely with WHO in Europe.

In addition, this virus sample will be used to test antibodies, thereby allowing the detection of viruses for patients who have no symptoms, as well as contributing to the development of preventive vaccines.

The head of the Peter Doherty Institute’s virus identification laboratory, Julian Druce, stressed that by having a real 209-nCoV virus sample, researchers will now be able to validate and verify all of the methods. and compare their sharpness and characteristics.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Australia tái tạo thành công virus corona

The Peter Doherty Institute cultured a new corona virus on a cell taken from a patient who arrived on January 24. This research institute works with the association. This research institute operates in cooperation with the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Governments, universities and pharmaceutical corporations around the world are rushing to develop vaccines against the new corona virus supposedly originating from Wuhan, but the process will take months.

So far, China has confirmed 5,974 cases of infection with 132 deaths. The Chinese central government has zoned the epidemic and blocked the movement of more than 50 million people in Wuhan City and surrounding localities to prevent the disease from spreading.

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