10 Best Sports Gadgets in 2020 (part 3)

8. The Triathalon Watch

For those who are always searching for their next triathlon, a triathlon specific watch is a must-have gadget.

Different from your standard fitness watch, a triathlon watch is specifically produced for a triathlon environment. It tracks your progress as well as takes into account your elevation and your air intake. Taking into account that a triathlon involves such diverse activities, this is incredibly beneficial.

9. The Smart Scale

For those who are looking for a scale that provides more than a simple read of your weight, it is recommended to consider buying a smart scale.

In addition to displaying your weight in numbers, a smart scale also can determine body mass index and the percentage of body fat.

If you want to track your progress, the smart scale can account for up to eight profiles, which makes it easy to track your progress as well as connect your results to your smartphone.

10. Beast Weightlifting Tracker

Nowadays, there are so many fitness trackers designed to track heart rate, steps, and calories burned. This is incredibly helpful for cardio-related activities but it fails to account for more stationary activities like weightlifting.

This is the reason why you need the Beast weightlifting tracker. This gadget is designed to calculate several features related to weightlifting, including average power, explosiveness, weight volume, energy burned, reps, and tonnage.

With the fast development of technology, nowadays, it has never been easier to stay on top of your fitness route. If you are looking to take your fitness goals more seriously, it’s really worth investing in the right sports gadgets, which can help you transform your fitness routine, from treating sore muscles and keeping you hydrated to tracking your activities and sleep patterns. These gadgets are really helpful.  Thanks to these gadgets, it is the best time now than ever before to crush your fitness goals.

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