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10 Best Sports Gadgets in 2020 (part 2)

4. iFit Sleep Tracker

For any athlete, a good night’s sleep is vital for their health and athletic perfermance. For those who are looking for a more efficient means of tracking their sleep patterns, iFit Sleep Tracker is a helpful gadget. This is a small disk placed between your box spring and your mattress and paired with a smartphone to track your sleep journey.

Upon waking, the device will send to your smartphone a detailed report including your REM sleep hours, your restless hours, and your heart and respiratory rate,

5. Theragun Deep Muscle Treatment

Sore muscles and injury are one of the unlucky things that athletes and fitness enthusiasts can not avoid. Making sure that you are resting and stretching properly is an effective way to speed up recovery. But there are more effective means of relieving sore muscles, such as using Theragun Deep Muscle Treatment.

Thisis a gadget that works through administering a high-intensity massage helping to soothe sore muscles. Originally, these treatments were limited to massage therapists and personal trainers, but now they are available on the open market for everyone.

6. Smart Shoes

If you think that smart sports technology has to be limited to Bluetooth headphones and fitness watches, this product will change your mind.

Charged by battery, Smart Shoes can adjust the temperature of your shoe, tighten laces automatically, as well as help to track your activity. If you are connected to the Smart Shoe app, you can track anything from distance traveled to calories burned.

7. The Smart Rope

Skipping rope is an incredibly effective form of cardio for many athletes. While it can’t be denied the effect of this exercise, the challenge lies in tracking your progress. Using a Smart Rope allows you to keep track of how many rotations have been done and how many calories have been burned. This data can be displayed on a smartphone, allowing the users to track and share their results and progress.

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