10 Best Sports Gadgets in 2020 (part 1)

If you eat, sleep and breathe all things health and fitness, you are going to want to read this article, in which we’re uncovering ten best sports gadgets that will certainly up the ante of your fitness game.

1. Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth headphones have been available in the marketplace for many years. However, the quality of these headphones has never been better than it is here in 2019.

Without the burden of wires, it’s easier to commit to a workout that is efficient and effective. While the sound and the connection are constantly improving, it’s the additional features that make 2019 Bluetooth the best yet.

For instance, some Bluetooth headphones now can help track your fitness. When connected to a fitness app, the headphones can voice your progress and provide upgrades on your progress. They can also count reps and time your exercises.

2. Skulpt Scanner

Are you looking to gain a better understanding of your body composition?

If so, look no further than the skulpt scanner. This is a simple to use device that helps to measure body fat, quality of muscle and overall assessment of one’s current physical condition.

The device has the ability to measure body fat in up to 24 different areas of the body. For those that are looking to tone certain areas of their body, this will help to track your progress.

3. The Intelligent Hydration Cup

Any athlete knows that staying hydrated is extremely important throughout a workout.

In spite of this fact, studies have found that the majority of athletes remain dehydrated before, during and after their workout. In fact, in an experiment conducted with professional football players, 98 percent of the athletes were found to be dehydrated during the evaluation.

The intelligent hydration cup helps athletes track their water consumption. When necessary, the cup will signal reminders and notifications to remind you to hydrate. Once your hydration goals have been reached, the cup will signal that you have reached your daily minimum.

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