Apple sells the device that’s follows sleep

The Beddit Sleep Monitor for $ 150 at Apple. It is used in bed, helping to monitor health and improve sleep for people. The Beddit Sleep Monitor has just been posted on the website and started selling in December 2018 for $ 150.

This product has a slimline design of only 2 mm thin. Users can flex and place it on the bed. However, this device was not actually developed by Apple, but it originated from a Finnish company that’s acquired by the US technology company in 2017.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor Resolve Limitations Apple Watch that’s is a lack of sleep monitoring feature. The Apple’s sleep monitor is only 2 mm thin, can be placed under the bed sheet, helps to monitor the quality of sleep of users without wearing on the person.

Beddit Sleep Monitor has added the shortcomings and limitations of the Apple Watch smart watch. It is equipped with a variety of sensors to track time, heart rate, breathing as well as movement of the user while sleeping. From there, the Beddit app will offer tips to improve sleep comfort. It can also monitor snoring, temperature and humidity in the room to provide suggestions for improving overall health.

It’s so different from some smart wears already on the market. This Apple’s sleep tracker device does not have an integrated battery and needs power from the USB port.

In particular, The Beddit 3.5 Sleep Monitor can connect to Apple Watch. It allows the display of sleep quality, sleep reminders and data synchronization. In addition, your sleep and heart rate data is also accessible through the Health app on iOS 12 later.

The Apple Watch Series 4 does not yet offer any sleep monitoring feature. But currently third-party applications, including Beddit’s own app. This can be a viable alternative at the present time.

The largest screen smartphone in the world

A technology news from China said that there are TOP 3 smartphones which have largest screens  in the world. Smartphones that have large screens are increasingly popular. Even with many people, they are completely replaced as well as tablets. Now a day, many users have ignored the computer and they rely entirely on smartphone. They are used for entertainment and are easier to pocket. To meet this demand, smartphones with large screens have begun to come out.

Basically, they are still smartphones but they have larger screens, thinner screen borders, giving users greater interactive space. With the larger screen, you can use  two applications at the same time, or you can use one-handed mode. Of course, they are not suitable for those hand is very small.

IPhone Xs Max has been Apple’s largest screen ever. This size is even more than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 ( screen is 6.4 inch). With this large screen, users can enjoy using multitasking functions as well as other Android smartphones. In addition, users will enjoy entertainments such as movies, games, … extremely comfortable with high speed. The 12MP dual camera is sure to deliver great images for you.

XiaoMi Max 3 is a smartphone that has a hugest screen of all other in the world. It has a battery life of up to 5500 mAh, promising to last up to 2 days of using. The remaining specs provide enough for mid-range users: the Snapdragon 636 chip; 6GB RAM; 12MP rear camera + 5MP; selfie 8MP camera.

You will be shocked to learn that Huawei Mate 20X has a large screen of this size. The screen is 7.2 inches in size. Although the screen resolution is low, but this product is still integrated high-end specifications such as: Kirin 980 processor chip 6GB RAM; 128GB of memory; Cluster 3 cameras. In particular, the machine also has a battery up to 5000 mAh. It is equipped with Super Charge technology, so bringing the using-long time.