The benefits when you use smart home

The smart home integrates electrical devices into a remote control network through the emergence of Z-wave integrated with the remote control. The system will operate when there are control commands from the central controller, so with the function of a network of remote control devices, smart houses will bring benefits to users compared to the system traditional house?

Your home will become a great comfort with the smart home system integrating smart devices into a network of remote control systems, allowing you to control all devices with just a light touch. on Smartphone phone screen interface. Your home appliances will be able to take advantage of all available features without the need to use too many devices in your home.

Besides, the features that are exploited to serve people’s lives also give you the facilities through systems such as: Electrical system, Camera system, Watering system, Control system. access control, security systems, fire alarm systems, air conditioning systems, lighting systems ….

In particular, the smart home system makes it easy to control daily energy consumption through each electrical device. The working system of Smart Home Devices allows you to save up to 90% of your energy source, you will be assured of the power consumption of the whole house. Thanks to the flexibility of adjusting electrical devices as well as the professional working of the devices will serve your needs to the maximum but still ensure you the power consumption.

Your smart home system will work diligently to help you ensure the security of your home and property in the most optimal way possible. Sensors such as smoke sensors, heat sensors, fire alarm sensors, door sensors … combined with security systems and camera systems will ensure your home absolute safety.

If there are incidents such as fire, smoke, overflow, abnormal temperature rise, illegal intrusion …. Immediately the system will alert you and your family members, or if you are not at home the system will alert you on your phone with problems and you may have methods to handle it promptly. .

Some gadgets can save your life someday

Modern people today are said to be completely dependent on gadgets such as smartphones or laptops but that is far from the truth. There are utility devices that a human life can really depend on that.

U-Safe is a smart buoy with electric motor and remote control. This smart float is designed for use on boats and for coast guards. The remote control system allows you to control the buoy to where the person drowned and take them to the shore or hull safely. Developers also plan to increase the number of people who can use a buoy and increase the distance the buoy can move to victims in the future.

Sharkbanz is an indispensable device for divers and surfers. Just put this ring on, activate it and it will start emitting an ultrasound signal that will make you an object where sharks are not interested. Even if you’re not familiar with sharks, this entrepreneur’s Instagram account is still interesting to follow.

Nimb is your own guardian angel, “who have created it that said. Overall, it’s a simple concept of a mobile alarm button that you can press quickly and discreetly. Alarms are sent. to your smartphone or rescue service People with chronic illnesses and night out lovers will appreciate this device The particularly impressive advantage is that it looks quite fashionable too.

Sawyer venom extraction kit will help you eliminate insect or snake venom. The name says it all: it’s a powerful and compact vacuum pump that can release venom from the wound. In addition to pumps, kits include razors, sterile paper towels and personal tapes.

“Rescue Me Balloon – Rescue My balloon with” is made to mark the location of people in distress. It’s a compact orange box that you can easily carry on a hiking trip. To mark the current location, tear off the lid. A balloon will inflate to 150ft. At night, the ball will flicker with a ring of light accumulating solar energy during the day.

The real super yacht in the dream of everyone

Not only majestic, but The Majesty 155 super luxury yacht is also a smart luxury that everyone wished to try one. Thanks to Archimedia’s entertainment system, the owners of the Majesty 155 certainly will not want another yacht, as none of them are as great as it is.

Those who once set foot on the Majestic 155 will have to remember forever about the $ 25 million super yacht because of quipping with an intelligent entertainment system. This is a super yacht in the dream that once stepped up you would not want to leave it.

This is the yacht that has received the CEDIA Award for excellent vehicle technology, while most of the winners are road vehicles. The Majesty 155 is one of the most high-tech yachts in the world.

On the interior walls of the Majesty 155, all of that are equipped with intelligent control system. It allows users to access audio and video systems installed throughout the yacht. In addition to direct adjustments, yachts owners can also use iPads or other smart devices to control the wireless network.

Each area of ​​the boat is equipped with a full HD 40 to 60 inch TV. They are all equipped with Apple TV or satellite TV. There is also Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity for guests to stream music or videos directly to the entertainment system.

Most TVs on the boat are mirrored for aesthetics. Outdoor screens are also equipped with filters to eliminate glare when viewed. Of course, you can also use the smart boat system to control the light or navigation system.

Majesty 155 has an excellent entertainment system, this is undisputed. But in terms of power it is not inferior to anyone. This boat is equipped with dual engine 2011 horsepower MTC 12V 4000 M63, fuel economy and maximum speed up to 29 kilometers for an hour. However, with all the great entertainment on the boat, whoever wants to take their trip quickly to end up.

Apple sells the device that’s follows sleep

The Beddit Sleep Monitor for $ 150 at Apple. It is used in bed, helping to monitor health and improve sleep for people. The Beddit Sleep Monitor has just been posted on the website and started selling in December 2018 for $ 150.

This product has a slimline design of only 2 mm thin. Users can flex and place it on the bed. However, this device was not actually developed by Apple, but it originated from a Finnish company that’s acquired by the US technology company in 2017.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor Resolve Limitations Apple Watch that’s is a lack of sleep monitoring feature. The Apple’s sleep monitor is only 2 mm thin, can be placed under the bed sheet, helps to monitor the quality of sleep of users without wearing on the person.

Beddit Sleep Monitor has added the shortcomings and limitations of the Apple Watch smart watch. It is equipped with a variety of sensors to track time, heart rate, breathing as well as movement of the user while sleeping. From there, the Beddit app will offer tips to improve sleep comfort. It can also monitor snoring, temperature and humidity in the room to provide suggestions for improving overall health.

It’s so different from some smart wears already on the market. This Apple’s sleep tracker device does not have an integrated battery and needs power from the USB port.

In particular, The Beddit 3.5 Sleep Monitor can connect to Apple Watch. It allows the display of sleep quality, sleep reminders and data synchronization. In addition, your sleep and heart rate data is also accessible through the Health app on iOS 12 later.

The Apple Watch Series 4 does not yet offer any sleep monitoring feature. But currently third-party applications, including Beddit’s own app. This can be a viable alternative at the present time.

The largest screen smartphone in the world

A technology news from China said that there are TOP 3 smartphones which have largest screens  in the world. Smartphones that have large screens are increasingly popular. Even with many people, they are completely replaced as well as tablets. Now a day, many users have ignored the computer and they rely entirely on smartphone. They are used for entertainment and are easier to pocket. To meet this demand, smartphones with large screens have begun to come out.

Basically, they are still smartphones but they have larger screens, thinner screen borders, giving users greater interactive space. With the larger screen, you can use  two applications at the same time, or you can use one-handed mode. Of course, they are not suitable for those hand is very small.

IPhone Xs Max has been Apple’s largest screen ever. This size is even more than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 ( screen is 6.4 inch). With this large screen, users can enjoy using multitasking functions as well as other Android smartphones. In addition, users will enjoy entertainments such as movies, games, … extremely comfortable with high speed. The 12MP dual camera is sure to deliver great images for you.

XiaoMi Max 3 is a smartphone that has a hugest screen of all other in the world. It has a battery life of up to 5500 mAh, promising to last up to 2 days of using. The remaining specs provide enough for mid-range users: the Snapdragon 636 chip; 6GB RAM; 12MP rear camera + 5MP; selfie 8MP camera.

You will be shocked to learn that Huawei Mate 20X has a large screen of this size. The screen is 7.2 inches in size. Although the screen resolution is low, but this product is still integrated high-end specifications such as: Kirin 980 processor chip 6GB RAM; 128GB of memory; Cluster 3 cameras. In particular, the machine also has a battery up to 5000 mAh. It is equipped with Super Charge technology, so bringing the using-long time.